How It's Done
How It Works
Result: 0% Savings Result: 75% Savings!
  • 75% of ink and toner particles are layered on top of each other or absorbed inside the paper substrate - and wasted!
  • Only 25% is effectively creating visible content on the paper surface
  • No ink or toner is wasted!
  • Only the effective 25% of ink and toner are used to create visible content.

Find out how much Inkgard can save you! INKgard GAINS CALCULATOR

Setup your default savings for all your printing or choose your output options every time you print.

Inkgard works in the background. Whenever something is printed, the Inkgard Control Agent automatically intercepts the print file and processes output to match your savings selections:

  • bullet   Minimize supplies waste
  • bullet   Save up to 75% on cartridges
  • bullet   Maximizes savings while preserving quality
  • bullet   Works with any inkjet & laser!
  • bullet   Keeps track and control of your savings
  • bullet   BONUS: Includes PDF generator
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